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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Salam sayang readers...


Lately, i was down...depressed...i think sometime we do have this kind of feeling rite?
trying to be positive but deep inside ur heart....there is no other way....
had to dealing with sarcastic people around me...not to say bad....evil person...yup, but thats the truth!
my mind was blocked....drain n tortured....
but hey, no matter what...i wont let this kind of people win right? the same time, i have so many issues to settle with at the moment...just got my house keys n it was totally wrecked my nerve when ive got to see the house...kinda say, i was quite frustrated...probably i was imagining something better....but it turns out like.. 950sqft of house, 3 bedrooms which look like a small box cramped in 1 place....erghhhhhhhhhh..
probably i have high expectations?hahahaahaha...
erm,so many things in my head now.......

Ya Allah...please give me strength n guidance....
And readers, please pray for me ya :) thanks munchiesssss


  1. sabar222..u turn la the rumah into istana!!!!!!!

  2. sabar nad sabar.sebab banyak sangat fikir kan?tu yang stress.mungkin u kena pergi bercuti kot.short gateway maybe to get away from this stress(ahaks.cadangan ni pun perlukan $$$ gak)ok sila jangan ikut.

    be strong kakak nad!!!

  3. hunny-hehehhehe :) hahhaah, u same cam my hubby...die ckp, xpe...kite buat umah cantik2...
    actually i frust sgt coz i mmg nak umah Platinum Victory (PV) yg kat area danau setapak tu...mase bli tu beza my house yg skang dgn tu dlm 20k mase tu i have to turn it doen coz i xcukup DP :(
    so have to let go now PV tu dah siap..dah lebih kurang 450k dah beb...n umah tu jauh lagi besar n cantik from my house yg i bli nih....tu yg stress tuh...umah skang kecik n xbape cantik la...

    cik zimie : heheehehehe :) nak gi bcuti tu mmg nak gi..hahaahahah tp banyak ongkos nanti kene kuar tuh..heheheeheh
    anyway, tq babe :)

  4. nad sayang..alaa sedey bila dgr u were depressed n down..mcm same je ngan i lately a bit down.. T_T but knowing u i know u r a strong gurl..see, i will survive gitu kan??

    as for d house, jgn ler sedey sgt about d house..nanti rumah tu merajuk tauw..u bleh deco umah tu nmpak besar, there's a positive side to it -now u have ur own place where u can do absolutely ANYTHING!!!.. xde stress2 n ehem from u-know-who..hehehee... ;p

    happy berdeco rumah bersama nadya leong okehh..hehehehe... tcare, daaa~

  5. i will survive ! mengingatkan sis lagu yg kjee tujukan pada sis last month.. hingga kini pun sis still down dgn prob kesihatan, org sekeliling...dan mcm2 lagi. ape2 pun kita sbg hambanya bykkan berzikir, doa dan yg penting kuatkan semangat.. be positive..

  6. Tq Deena....smoga sumenye dipermudahkan untuk kite...