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Monday, March 28, 2016

Falah Abiyana

Pssst..... Calling for all hijabista and fashionista!

Ladies, if you are looking for a different yet fun approach for your wardrobe at home that would go well with any occasion then you should get this brand. Falah Abiyana is the best choice for women who are looking for modern designs to add to their wardrobe. This amazing brand has a wide range of collections for Muslimah from the latest hijab style to maxi skirts, baju kurung moden and maxi dress for Muslimah. Their products are designed with a mixture of feminine and adorable element for customers. 

Not only for Muslimah fashion, they also have a wide range for office wear such as jackets. pants, cardigans and of coz it is affordable yet stylista!

This brand was founded by four friends who share the same Muslimah fashion interest and they have been producing a wide selection of tudung for hijabista. If you prefer a simple yet cute look then this is the one brand that should be in your list. Falah Abiyana’s Muslimah wear collection has a stylish touch given to the line of clothing and versatile enough to be worn to work, special events or casually. You can appear adorably beautiful with Falah Abiyana baju kurung and stay classy and feminine while showing off your style when attending classes or formal functions.

Women who love to change their hijab style would adore the modern shawl offered by this amazing Muslimah fashion brand. They even have combo shawl which is designed with two beautiful colour tones which will allow you to easily match it with any of your favourite Muslimah outfit. You should get Falah Abiyana hijab and wear it casually and for a glamorous look when match it with your baju raya during the celebration of Hari Raya later.

Where can you get your Falah Abiyana?
Come on and browse through at ZALORA!
Yes, please go to this website Falah Abiyana and happy shopping dearies 

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